Zulu's Zoo

Zulu's Zoo

Zulu's Zoo is an adventure game with a cute and refreshing gameplay

Zulu's Zoo is an adventure game with a cute and refreshing gameplay. In this case you need to help Zulu win a grand prize by making sure the Zoo is in perfect conditions, ready to start business. Throughout the game, you will explore wonderful scenes with different parts of the zoo, playing hidden-object games and a great variety of mini-games that involve puzzles, spot-the-differences games, memory games, and other creative games that make Zulu's Zoo really attractive and extremely enjoyable for all ages. Hidden-object scenes mainly involve looking for certain animals or clearing a scene of trash and other objects that have nothing to do with the theme. Scenes are very well-done, featuring a combination of static images with some moving objects and realistic sounds that create the perfect atmosphere. If you need help in finding an object, you can use the hints, which are represented by stars that you collect in different scenes.

Unfortunately, the game includes only one mode, which is untimed, and is like a career mode, since you can ascend from novice to expert as you progress.
Graphics are cartoonish, very colorful and detailed, including cute animals and nice vegetation. Music is also pleasant, and sound effects are fine. All in all, Zulu's Zoo is an excellent game to relax and enjoy.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute theme
  • Great variety of games
  • Nice graphics and music


  • Only one game mode
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